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The Olympics

Alright so I've been alive for many Olympic Games, and while I always preferred summer to winter, I never really watched more than the occasional event when there was nothing better on. Last night I got so into the Olympics that I missed Project Runway. Which like never happens, but it was swimming which I love, and I just could not tear myself away. I don't watch every event, shooting, wrestling weightlifting etc. not that interesting to me. Plus they don't cover them very often in the US because we either don't do well or we don't have a large enough audience. 

So my obsessions with the Olympics involve Gymnastics, both men and women for different reasons. The men are just amazingly strong and seeing them hold positions on little tiny ring yards up in the air and nothing can compete with the high bar for sheer beauty of the human form. You should not be able to do what these men do in every routine and it’s amazing to watch. When the US men were competing on the high bar it just about took my breath away they were that good. The landings they stuck without even a hop, it’s just unbelievable. The girls, and I do call them girls because I am older then a large percentage of the competitors, are just fun to watch. Don't get me wrong they do just as amazing things during the competition as the men, but they're just so small and young and damn they must weigh at most 90 pounds. But they are just so fun to watch and I absolutely love floor and parallel bars because I think that show the real talent of the gymnasts at a speed that I can actually see. I don't like the vault as much because until the slow-mo you can't really judge the athletes on anything but their landings which don’t really mean much. 

But I've always like gymnastics, it's like the traditional Olympic sport in America. The US girls are our symbol of Olympic competition. Until this year when Michael Phelps emerged and captured America, including me. The guy is just amazing. 23 years old and 11 golds to date. 13 medals in total, and who the hell else can do that. He has a real shot of winning 8 golds in one Olympic game which is just, unbelievable. Everything he enters he wins. Tonight he has another final, it was so weird last night watching swimming and not see him get a medal, and it’s like a nightly event for my family. We spend the entire night in the living room, my dad on the desktop, me on my laptop and my mom reading on the sofa, but we all wander over when Phelps gets on, and we all stay glued until he wins. Which he does, every damn time. He is the American Olympic coverage this year, and I'm kinda loving it. But it’s still expected because he's a national obsession and therefore gets the most screen time. My last Olympic obsession does not

The first day of the Olympic games, the number one men's volley ball team in the world, Rogers and Dallhausser, played the number 25 in the world, a team from Latvia who  I am not even going to attempt to type because my keyboard doesn't come with those characters. But the big thing was, the US was supposed to win, it wasn't even a question. They intentionally pair the best with the worst so that the better teams advance to the finals, you don't want a boring gold medal match. But anyway, Latvia won. The beat the US in the second set, they didn't even need the third. And sure it was due more to the US playing badly than Latvia playing exceptionally well, but I couldn't help but cheer them on. They were the underdogs, they probably weren't expected to make it past the prelims, but they beat the number one team in the world. I have been trying to follow them, but NBC and the other US networks won't cover prelims if the US isn't involved in the match so I'll have to wait to the semis to see them actually play again. But I've bookmarked the men’s beach volleyball Wikipedia page, just to check the standings, and the Latvia team is doing well. The only match they've lost is against Argentina, who was eliminated anyway. But they beat the Rogers Dallhausser (which by the way is an awesome last name) and the team from Switzerland. So when the semis start tomorrow, I won't be cheering for Rogers/Dallhausser or even the other American team of Gibb/Rosenthal I'll be cheering for Latvia. 

Here ends my Olympic rant. Because NBC is airing something about girls gymnastics and I've got to see it.

Fresh Beginning

So I have wanted a laptop for a long time, but I don't get paid nearly enough to afford a decent one and have therefore been sharing my family's desktop for ten years (okay its the second family computer because our Window's 98 system crapped out about 4 years ago.) Anyway I needed a laptop for college because well, I do. And I ordered it back in early July but because I upgraded and customized the hell out of it, it took forever to get here and I just got it 3 days ago. The first night I spent trying to get everything set up and loading in my old files and stuff and then I tried to get the internet. It didn't work. Apparently some part of my motherboard was bad because I was supposed to be seeing a little light when I plugged in my Ethernet card, and I didn't. So we called the tec support at dell and they came within 48 hours and they replaced my 2 day old motherboard with a new one (well they replaced it twice but thats another story about a slightly incompetent repair man). So I got a new motherboard and can now access the internet, obviously because I'm writing this. 

It's so weird to have my own computer. I have my own desktop that I can change anytime I want. I had a River from firefly one, but it was too dark. Then I twitched to a Chuck/Blair from Gossip Girl and have now settled on a pink and white flower close up. I really want a River one, but I'll have to keep looking for one that looks the way I want it since I am incapable of making anything decent in photoshop. But as I was saying its so weird to register everything under Rachel, to not have to have seperate file folders, because I'm the only one. I can actually password protect my account without worring about fax machines not connecting because I don't have a fax. I'm getting used to the laptop keypad, but I have a mouse just in case. Overall I'm just really happy to have a computer that can move. Last night I brought it over to the sofa to watch the Olympics and type at the same time, which by the way the opening ceromonies were awesome last night anyone that missed them. Hungary had one of the worst patterns for a dress on their female athletes, and the United States hats weren't my favorite, but it was still a really good show, exspecially the sheer amount of people needed for the Chinese culture piece. I mean all the karate, the box people and the paddle people (I believe there were 2008 of each type) wow. 

That is all.

Leadership Quest and RENT

So I went to a four day program at Rutgers last week and I wasn't really sure what to expect. It was called Leadership Quest but not much info was availble online outside of, heres the deadline to apply, and write us an essay about your leadership skills. This was all the way back in May. But I got in, and signed my life away on a kinda scary permission slip (we are not responsable if you get yourself shot during our community service activity or if you accidently fatally injure yourself on the high ropes course). But anyway, I did all my college shopping early so I would have a shower caddy, and a bed set for the week and it was amazing. 

Our incoming freshman class is somewhere around 7,000 students. This program was for fourty of us. I knew all thirty nine names by the first night thanks to a painfully long name game session. We took personality tests (apparently I am a person conserned with others' feelings and am not adventurous but that wasn't a surprise) I helped make the nastiest ice cream sunday in human history (an entire container of red hots, rocky road ice-cream, dino sprinkles, strawberry whipped cream and gummi bears topped with a cone all inside a dog bowl). I climbed a high ropes course, or part of it anyway. I presented a new idea for Rutger's tours to many deans of the college and ending up having a dinner disscussion with the dean of student life, who was impressed by my sucess in business. I did three hours of community service in one of the largest, and most unknown gardens in any United States University (and got to walk through an acre of bamboo forests while doing it) and along the way met some really awesome people and learned a lot of cool things (how to play beer pong even though I don't drink among other valuble lessons) So I basically just wanted to write it all out so I don't forget it, though Zain took enough pictures that I will be able to view every single moment again and again. (seriously he took over 200 pictures in 4 days) plus since it was the first year of the program, an offical student photographer was documenting the whole thing and will be postnig the pictures hopefully by this friday. 

And to toally switch gears, I am going into the city to see RENT with my aunt tomorrow. I have been dying to see this again since I saw the movie, and since it's leaving Broadyway in a matter of weeks I was afaird I never would, but hey I am. So I'll know every single line before I walk in there and if I owned any eighties boho wear I would totally be wearing it tomorrow, but since I don't I guess my pretty new purple sun dress will have to do. I am mega excited and cannot wait to be in that theature again.


I Cheated the System!

I love facebook. I belong to a group for my college on facebook and one of the threads on the main page was, 7 easy steps for finding out you classes early. I registered for classes in May, but Rutgers told me that I wouldn't find out if I made all of them, and what times and teachers and such, until Aug 21st. Classes start Sept. 4. So not a lot of time there. But then I see this facebook post where you use your own student login on a professor scheduling page, and they show your schedule for the next semister. And it was there. All of my classes, plus one that I'm probably going to have to drop are there. But I am a geek and am supper excited to have this information way before I was supposed to. 

So monday's have me with a women's studies class at 9:15 in the moring, (this is the class I'll probably have to drop). I had put it down as an alternate, as I didn't plan to take it until second semister. But they gave me all my orginal classes, plus this one. ANd I really don't have time for 17 credits first semister. Plus it's a morning and I want to have those clear to reschedule math, which I'll explain later. Un still Monday I have Geoscience at noon, which I hope will be an easy A. 

And then theres math. Pre Calc from 8 until 10:30 on Monday which just...isn't going to work. For one thing it's a double period of math which just might make my head explode. Secondly, it's way to late at night for me. My brain functions much better in the morning, and I will probably fall asleep at least once in this class so the time period just is not helping so I'll have to ad drop this class ASAP 

Tuesday brings me to Economics at 2 in the afternoon and the nature of politics at almost 6 which looks to be a pretty easy day 

Wendsday has Nature of Polics, which I am really exicted about by the way, at 11 in the morning and then nothing until Math again at 8 PM though this time only until 9:30. 

Thursday is the killer which leads me to believe I have to drop my women's class. I have that at 9:15 again, then Geoscience at noon, Economics at 2, and Nature of Politics at 5:30. So thats four classes, in one day, and I just don't think thats gonna work for me. Hopefully I can drop the women's class and get math on Mon Wendsday and Friday mornings. 

Friday is really easy I just have my 1 credit freshman seminar on sexuality in the 1950's at 1 in the afternoon and I'm offically starting the weekend, which will be nice. 

So I squeeed when I got my timetable, but upon actual inspection of the thing, I'll def. be needing to make some chnages, but it could have been a lot worse. 

To top off this geek post, I got my advanced placement test results in the mail this week. I got a 5 (the top score) in Government and Poltics, a 4 in Psychology (which I taught myself because my teacher forgot to prepare us for the test) and a 4 in English Composition (which gets me out of all my writing classes in college) All together I will walk into college in September with 15 credits to my name, a full semister. I won't be graduating early, but I don't think I'll take longer then the four years either so thats a good thing. 

Here ends the geekery.   


Really Bored

So my inablity to land a job this summer had lead to much free time. I have used my freetime so far to do productive things like clean, paint the garden wall and tonight I even assembled a fan without it falling apart which is actually an acomplishment considering it involved screws. But right now I'm not at all tired, but I have nothing to do, so I was looking through the journal and found my itunes tag and thought to myself, why the hell not its either that or rant about the new episode of Secret Life of American Teenager...which not in the mood for right now. Of course I could always watch "I survived a Japanese Gameshow" but tis shows like this that make the world hate America so again, no. And that leaves Itunes. This time from Across the Universe, which is basically the Beatles, but updated slightly. 

All My Loving: "I'll pretend that I'm kissing the lips I am missing" I love that the first verse is without background music and then it just picks up with the insturments and the backup locals. Such a happy little song to start off Jude's journey. 

I've Just Seen A Face " Had it been another day I might have looked the other way and I'd never been aware but as it is I'll dream of her tonight. Dye dye dye dye dye dye" This is my favorite scene of the entire movie, just for the bizzare lighting and the bowling alley leaps. But back to the song, it makes me smile so much. Because it is simply about falling in love when you least expect it, and really who doesn't love that. 

I Want to Hold Your Hand "And please say to me you'll let me hold your hand" First of all, I applaud this movie for having Pru sing this song, I think it worked really well for the innocence of it. Exspecially for the highschool cheerleader aspect. It has such a deep soulfull longing to it that was lacking from the orginal because of the beat. I like it better as a love unrequited type song as it is used here. 

Something "I don't want ot leave her now, you know I believe in hell " Theres a lot of good lyrics in this song to choose from. But honestly I think it is one of the weakest songs of the movie, just because I think it restates things that are already shown in previous and future songs. It's still pretty though 

With A Little Help From My Friends " Would you believe in a love at first sight, Yeah I'm certain that it happens all the time" Well it's obvious that I love this song and this version in particular because it inspired my first video ever which I still watch on occasion. It sounds slightly better in the actual movie as compared to this soundtrack. But the electric guitar works really well in forming the base of the song. 

It Won't Be Long "I'll be good like I know I should. You're coming home, you're coming home " This song makes me sad, knowning what is to come, but is really nice in it's sort of exciteness. It just screams teenage girl with a crush, which makes me rather curious how the Beatles wrote it, because to my knowlage none of them were ever teenage girls. 

Revoltuion " But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow" The first song I feel in love with on this soundtrack. The scene from the movie is really powerful and raw and I love it so that naturally translates to the song itself. The message is one of my favorite, yea we want change, but we don't need to destroy everything to get it. 

Let it Be " " One of the saddest songs ever. The little boy is little more then a plot device to get JoJo to New York, but his death is still tear jerking. I actually still get a tear or two in my eye when I listen to it. I remember crying like a baby the first time I saw this scene in the movie. There is a reason this song is a Beatles classic. 

Strawberry Fields Forever " Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see" This song reminds me of a song that would be really good to get high and listen to. Dont know why I always think of that when I hear this song, possiably because of the splaters of red paint and strawberries and guns that usually accompany this song when i hear it. 

Dear Prudence "The sun is up, the sky is blue. It's beautiful and so are you " I never get tired of this song. It's a song of the Beatles that I had never heard of before, but has quickly become one of my favorites. The transition of the scenes in the movie with this song is one of my favorite in the movie, though I always wish that it was longer because the protest is so good and wonderful and exsactly what a war protest should be without all the bombs and police and shit.

Hold Me Tight " " The change in vocalists isn't as sharp as I would have liked simply because the change is so apparent in the movie and serves a distinct purpose but it is noticable so that'll do. It's a great way to introduce the movie, so I don't know why it's so low on my playlist of the soundtrack. My itunes is weird. 

Come Together " Got to be good looking cause he's so hard to see" Honestly I usually skip over this song and this scene because JoJo bores me without Sadie but cinamatically speaking this is a great song, between the hetic crowd scenes and dance moves and the different narrators, including a pimp and a homeless guy which is amusing so I can't really hate on this song or the scene it belongs in. 

If I fell " " I'll finish this later I swear but I can't take much more beatles right now.

This is a long one folks

Happy fourth of July to all Americans out there! And to non Americans, happy day of the year with no real significance but it's still summer so be happy anyway day! Man that was a mouth full.  

Well, its been another month but I'm trying to come up with any reason to not go back to my neighbor's party right now, so I decieded to update. I already have bug bites all over even though I am ridiclouslly attentive with my bug spray so I think I prefer the safe indoors with computers and fans anyway. 

College update: Finally got around to activating my college e-mail address this week. It won't actually matter until I get my roommate and dorm assignments at the end of the month, but I wanted to have it and know how to use it before then. I went through this big hassel with the financial aid office. To make a long story short, my family's financial situation changed shortly after filing the fin aid papers, so we sent in an appeal saying that we wanted more money because we're not making as much as we were in January and that's not going to change before September. So we sent the letter and waited like a month, and then a letter comes saying they need all this paperwork that we sent in with the orginal fin aid papers but we got them together anyway. But we didn't know where to sent them. So I get on the phone with fin aid myself (part of the whole taking responsabilty for myself and my future. I may not be able to drive, but I mastered conversation a few years ago) I'm on hold for forty five minutes, I explain my situation, they transfer me to someone else, and then I get disconnected. So I try again (with a slightly shorter holding time) finally get connected to the right person only to find out that I don't need to send the papers anywhere because I've already been rejected for my appeal. Apparently being on partical unemployment doesn't mean anything, so we don't get any more then the orginal fin aid offer we got in March. 

Okay that wasn't so short! Oh well. 

Anyway fin aid is sorted out now, I had my graduation party last weekend, which brought me some nice cash I'll need next year since finding a job is proving rather difficult. I mean Shop Rite won't even confirm they got my application, let alone looked at it, even though I know that I fit all the qualifications for the current openings. So I'll end up at my summer job from last year, which I was hoping to avoid, but I need money so um... it's kinda unavoidable. 

I've picked up a grand total of three summer shows this year, and every single one of them makes me want to hang my head in shame. But it's summer TV so the bar is set lower then usual. First we have Randy Jackson Present's Americas Best Dance Crew which actually isn't so bad except there is a judge called Lil Mama and a former NYSNC member so it just sounds sad. But the dancing is actually good and there was a team composed of Rutgers girls and I had to had some (future) school pride. They were aweful, but I still rooted for them until they got voted off last week. Then we have The Baby Borrowers which my mom suggested as a joke but damn that show is like crack it's addicting. Only two episodes in and I'm hooked. It's insane for most of these girls to consider becoming mothers so early because one wouldn't even put on a pregnacy belly for a day because it made her look fat, but was ready to start trying to have a kid as soon as she got off the show. Like, what do you think will happen then, the baby just sort of pops out of your perfectly flat stomach.
I went to a pretty much abstinence only high school education system, I know they go into more detailed approach then that. 

But these shows pale in comparison to my most shameful summer TV obsession. The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Created and Written by Brenda Hampton. I believe I have written about my ....feelings on Brenda's professional abilities, before but in case you don't know she is basically the creator of what I consider the worst blunder in America TV history. Because there's bad shows, there are bad shows that are mock able, there are bad shows that are train wrecks,  and then there is 7th Heaven, Brenda Hampton's brain child. The show where every teenage girl has sex because she has something wrong with her. And pre-marital sex always leads to pregnancy. Drinking one half of a beer is considered excommunicatedable (and that is so not a word but oh well) offence and stalking your wife/daughter is not only acceptable, but a sign of a good relationship. And then the show ended and I almost sort of missed being able to mock a show so bad, but was glad the rest of the word would not be inflicted with this any longer. And then it turns out, she had another show in her back pocket. One she promotes as "7th Heaven, with SEX" as if 7th heaven wasn't about sex anyway. It just never said the word. Much like the show's central character, a minister, never mentioned the words God or Jesus. But I’m still watching this show, because 7th heaven’s cancellation (about 6 years too late) left a hole in my TV life, and Secret Life just might fill it. The main character actually isn’t bad, but everyone else it. I knew it was going to be bad when Regis and Kelly had Molly Ringwald on their show to talk about the show, and her clip, which traditionally is used to highlight the guest’s acting abilities, Molly said like two lines. The adults are actually well known and respected actors, so of course they’d get next to no screen time and what little they do is so horrendously written and creepy (both featured fathers) you almost wish they got off the show to maintain their respectable reputations.
In case you haven’t noticed my hate for Brenda Hampton tends to be on the wordy side. I’ll stop now so that I might have something left to say once this sorry excuse for a ABC Family show is cancelled. How can the network that gave us Greek, one of the best shows about young adult life, also give us this.
As you can tell, I really don’t want to go back to my neighbors party cause this entry has got to be like 1,000 words long. Just counted, and it’s actually more like 1,150. So I’ll stop it here.

I want to go paperless

 So its been a really long time. I just don't really feel like updating this much, and I don't check my friends list more then like once a week now for some reason. Facebook has become my primary souce of blogs and I've recently gotten into gossip girl fanfiction on fanfiction.net and therefore don't look here for a good read much. But the last twenty four hours have been beyond stressful and I need to rant because my mother is now scared I'm not emotionally mature enough to go to college and whatever and if I start ranting she'll get upset and I really don't need this right now. 

The theme of this rant: Paper Sucks. 

I am a naturally unorganized person, but am ridiculously organized when it comes to the computer. I have folders, sub folders and sub sub folders for everything. I have like twelve lists for Rutgers alone comparing prices for XL sheets, ideal class shedules, and even a time table for first semester that I'm sure to never get. But anyway, when it comes to electronic documents, I have everything easy to find and labeled and give me 3 minutes I will find you what you need. Paper is another story. My Rutgers papers have morphed into a Rutgers bookbag which has a jumble of papers just sort of mixed together. Four brocheures for the same seminar program, 2 campus maps, schedules for open house day 3 months ago. It's not pretty. But mixed into that pile of pointless information is stuff I actually need, like my fin aide report, my ID number and selected classes for next year. But I can't find any of it because I have to weed through panflets for the local heath center and bookstores. 

Yesterday I wanted to set straight some of my fin aide information. I am supposed to recieve a scholarship award on June 17th, but since I missed the PA annousement for the meeting, I don't know how much it's worth. The letter I got from them says I must return the attached form to secure the award, but I don't have the form. I was apparently supposed to have recieved this letter in November, I got it last week. I was supposed to get a work study final award letter in May, it never came. I worked it out with my parents last night, and I basically have to go to my guidence counselor tomorrow to ask him about it, among a whole list of other things. 

Then this morning I wanted to send out my Advanced Plancement scores from last year to Rutgers, because I never sent them last eyar, since I didn't know where I was going. Only to discover I lost my score report from last year. FIne, then I need to check my handbook from last year that has the number on the inside cover, yeah but I threw that out last month in a room cleaning spree. Fine so I just call the services up and they'll be able to track it using my social security number, except that I didn't give it last year cause it was optional and I didn't know it. So basically I thought those scores wouldn't count, even though I did amazing on them. Until I didsome googleing to see if anyone had the same problem. Turns out the grade reports are cumlative, meaning that since I put Rutgers on this years tests, they'll send last years tests along with them, meaning all this worrying was for nothing. 

But my point was that it would all be so much simplier if it was paperless commmuication. If I could put my SSN in online and get my number or scores from there. If these scholarships actually had a functional website that would give out the information I need. Because I can't keep paper straight. Anyway I don't really have any problems, but the process of finding that out was rather stressful and I hope to avoid it in the future.


Change Sucks

I took a month hiatus for no real reason. I haven't been really busy, though a world and nat project took up a lot of time this past two weeks. I just haven't had a lot to say, and haven't really felt like typing it all out. But today I got pissed about something, and you all know how that always leads to a desire to rant in out in type. So I am going to rant about a web site and possibly politics if I end up with the comparison and I think that might just work.

My Desktop

Upon tagged  request by  sidura here is a picture of my desktop behind the cut. 

Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun.
1. Go to your desktop and press the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).
2. Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and doing a Paste (CTRL + V). If you wish, you can “edit” the image before saving it.
3. Post the picture on your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop if you want. You can explain why you prefer such a look or why it is full of icons. Things like that.
4. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktops as well.

Short explanation of desktop
This is a really old photo of some fountain in L.A. from my 8th grade graduation trip. I share this desktop with my parents for the time being and this was a general enough photo that everyone could agree on it. I just really liked the fountain and it makes for a nice simple desktop that doesn't give me a headache. 


Sick...But Happy

So for the past week or so I've been in a realy pissy/sad mood, but today, after not sleeping for more then 3 hours at a time, I am happy. I think it's cause its a Sat. so I'll probably be back to my bad mood by Monday, but for now I'm happy. I can't breathe out of my nose, I was up at 3 o'clock this morning, but my waffles still taste good this morning and what more could a girl really ask for. Not gonna ad much more to this post, because I plan on enjoying the happiness for a while.